Mar 23

Do-it-yourself Face Painting Cheek Designs

If you want to try face painting but you just do not know where or how to start, why dont you try face painting cheek designs first? Compared to the former, this is faster and easier to do. In face painting, you paint the entire face transforming it into a specific character like a lion or Frankenstein. Cheek art on the other hand, as the name suggests, is art done on the cheek. Since you paint on a smaller area, you get done faster. Unless of course, if you choose a very intricate design.

When it comes to face cheek designs for kids, you should focus more on simple and easy-to-do designs. Children have short attention spans and cannot stand still for a long period of time. So the faster you get done, the better. Here are some easy to do face painting cheek designs for you.

Stars are a favorite cheek design for children. Stars are generally associated with brilliance, prominence and success. To paint one, you can first trace an outline using black paint and color it in with yellow. Then you can add eyes and a smiley face to give your star more character.

SpongeBob is another popular choice. SpongeBob is the main character of the hit TV series SpongBob Squarepants. His underwater exploits have made him a huge a hit with children. Using a brush, make an outline of SpongeBob. You can search for pictures on line to follow. Then color it in using bright yellow paint. Add the details afterwards.

Heart designs are also a hit especially among girls. All you have to do is trace an outline and then color it in using red. You can ramp this up by adding glitter.

Butterfly designs are also one of the top picks. Butterflies have always been the symbol of beauty, fragility and grace. If you are not too confident with your free-hand, you can use a stencil for this one. A basic design consists of two elongated circles and two triangles for the wings and an extended oval for the body. Once you have these in place you can then develop your design and add more detail. Now here comes the fun part, coloring it in. It doesnt really matter what color you choose, just remember to keep it light and fun.

Cheek face painting is by no means difficult. It is actually a good start for someone who is new to face painting. So give it a try now and let the artist in you shine!


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