Jun 17

Factors To Take Into Account Before Choosing Bathroom Paint

Choosing bathroom paint isn’t a simple task. Many people would just do it, without stopping to consider what must be done before starting.

But the consequences of making a quick decision may be disastrous. After all, this isn’t something that you’re going to do every day. So it’s best to think about your options first.

Let’s examine 5 issues to think about before choosing bathroom paint.

1. Most of all, you’ll need to choose bathroom paint which will not mold or mildew easily. After all, your bathroom is most likely the dampest room in your house.

To help avoid mildew, you have two options. You can choose a special bathroom paint which is made specifically for humid rooms, that contains a chemical that kills mildew before it can take hold. Or you can just use ordinary paint, and add a mildewcide to it .

2. A closely related concern is choosing bathroom paint that’s resistant to moisture. Applying the wrong sort of paint could allow moisture to seep in, leading to peeling. Choosing semi-gloss or gloss paint textures will prevent this from happening.

3. One thing that most people would not even think about when painting a bathroom – who are the primary users of the room? If it is going to be used primarily by guests, then you can pick unusual colors for your guest bathroom paint that you might not want to look at every day yourself.

And a bathroom meant to be used by children would certainly need special thought. Kids ought to be as comfortable as possible in their own bathroom, since it is there that they learn some valuable lessons.

4. The choice that nearly all people would make without being reminded is the paint color. This, obviously, is a matter of personal preference. Nevertheless you should consider that color can be used to make the room appear larger or smaller. And it can also influence your mood in a subtle fashion.

5. Lastly, you’ll need to decide if you really want to apply paint at all. Maybe some other method of decoration would be preferable. Ceramic tile, for instance, is an great alternative for a bathroom, as it is thoroughly water-proof. And wallpaper can be used, if you select a variety that is water-resistant.

Once you have considered and evaluated all the factors, you ought to be ready to come to a decision about choosing bathroom paint. But maybe you’d like a more thorough look at these options.


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