Mar 23

Fun Paint Ideas For A Boys Room

A bedroom is a place where a child can express his personality and create a space that is all about him. Using paint, a dull room can become a place of fantasy. Adult skills are required but with a wish list from your child you can make that fantasy a reality.
Themed Rooms for Boys
Paint can recreate whole environments, from outer space to underwater and there’s bound to be a way to adapt a room to suit your son’s interests. Many boys will be thrilled with a bedroom that recreates cowboy country, outdoor activities, sporting themes or cars – but you may want to beware of excess gender-stereotyping. Identify some key motifs or visual effects that can be replicated in paint. You could go for themed and coordinated accents rather than recreating a total fantasy world.
Expressing a room theme using paint can involve little more than choosing a suitable color scheme (perhaps a sports team’s colors) and recreating motifs associated with the theme. At the other end of the spectrum is the creation of a full-on illusion. If your son is adamant he wants to live in a tree house, you can use paint on all four walls plus ceiling to create that fantasy, using accessories to provide the finishing touches. With faux brickwork (easy with stencils) you can fake a room in a castle or, with trompe l’oeil portholes, the appearance of a ship’s cabin.
With paint techniques and a bit of lateral thinking you can go beyond simply providing conventional pictorial interest. A picture window apparently affording a view of your child’s favorite sports team at play is more interesting than posters of the greats. A usable chessboard painted on the floor is more fun than borders of chess pieces (or why not do both?). Different paint techniques can create the illusion of other worlds, from the past or the future, and indoors or outdoors.
Your child may outgrow his current passion or lose interest with changing trends, so factor this in when deciding how extensive your makeover will be.
Color Schemes and Paints
Themed rooms often invite particular color schemes and treatments. If you’re not going for a theme, consider a color scheme that doesn’t show the dirt that many small boys seem to attract. Washable, scuff-resistant paints are recommended for active boy’s rooms.
Special Purpose Paints
Special purpose paints can add humor and fun to a boy’s room. A young astronomer might appreciate the constellations in luminous paint on the ceiling, for example. Chalkboard paint is a great idea for childrens rooms and serves a practical purpose. It only comes in black and green though you can make your own in other colors. Painted on walls or doors, chalkboard paint allows kids to draw on the walls without doing permanent damage! Magnetic paint is another fun invention that will allow a boy to pin up his favorite pics using magnets.


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