Mar 29

Glow In The Dark Paint Do-it-yourself Idea

Ample projects and objects can exploit the use of glow in the dark paint. It is a well-known fact that all kids adore things that glow in the dark. Glow paint finds excellent use for adding those additional touches to Halloween costumes or just adding some safety precaution to any costumes so they are visible in the dark.

Glow in the dark paint is a good way to embellish the interiors of a childs bedroom. Any child would love to have glowing walls in her/ his room. It would be an excellent selection if you wanted to paint the galaxy on your son’s ceiling in his bedroom.

Making you own glow in the dark paint at home is possible. While it can be economical for you, it can also be a fun project for your entire family to do. Moreover, sometimes you will need the glow paint for just a small surface or an object; you can make your own glow in the dark paint by this method:

A visit to your neighboring home improvement store will help you to buy the required ingredients like a suitable grade glow in the dark powder and a clear paint medium. For a brighter glow, you will have to buy an improved grade of glow powder, which costs more money. A small project will do well with the lesser grade too.

First, paint the surface either a bedroom wall or any object with white. If you intend painting a fabric, paint the outline of your glow in the dark characteristics with white fabric paint so it is easier to see.

Pour only the required amount of paint medium into a container. Next, bit by bit add about 15-25% volume of the glow in the dark powder. The more powder you put in, the brighter the paint will blaze in the dark. The more glow in the dark powder you add, the rougher the paint becomes, so be cautious not to add too much.

Blend the glow in the dark powder into the paint. Your glow in the dark paint is ready for your use.

Remember that your glow in the dark paint has a so prepare as much as you need or else the rest will be wasted.


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