May 21

How to Paint Your Outdoors Furniture

When the weather starts to change, it is the time to think about the outdoor furniture that is kept outside and ways to keep them maintained like new ones. Instead of buying the new furniture, it is better to paint the old ones, which will make them as good as new within your budget. Putting a little effort to paint the old outdoors furniture will be worth to save the excessive costs of new furniture as well.

It completely depends upon the condition of the furniture that you need to paint and the material too for example: plastic, metal, wood etc. and the type of paint that is being used on the furniture. In most of the cases, try to use a primer first and then apply the colour coat of your choice for better results. Always use a good quality brush and rags while painting the furniture.

Before starting to paint on a metal surface, always use sand paper to scrape off the old paint for best results and along with the sand paper, use a cloth to wipe off the dust from the surface. Consider the following steps while painting the outdoors furniture:

Clean the furniture:

Before starting to paint, use warm water and soap concentration to scrub and clean the furniture thoroughly. It is quite possible that after a proper wash, the furniture starts to look as good as new and repainting is not necessary at all. Wait for some time until the furniture dries down and analyse whether painting is required or not.

Scrape off the dust and old paint:

Before starting the paintjob, it is essential to scrape off the old paint and the dust from the surface. Take a sand paper and start scraping to remove the old paint. It helps to make a strong adhesion with the new paint.

Decide the type of paint and painting utensils:

Take a decision as to what colour and type of paint will be used to paint the furniture, whether a spray-paint or a simple brush process. Make sure that you use very high quality brush for a smooth and uniform coat of paint.

Apply multiple coats:

Usually while painting the furniture, putting only a single coat might not be very effective and long lasting since the furniture are constantly undergoing environmental wear and tear like sunlight, water, air, dust etc. After doing one coat of painting, cover the furniture. It will help it to dry even faster.

Buy new accessories for the old furniture:

Once you have painted the furniture properly and have checked the quality and finish of the furniture, you can new pillows or parasols, weatherproof materials that will look good with the freshly painted old furniture. Choose some colours that will go along with the new looking furniture. The money you saved from buying new furniture can be utilized over here.


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