Jan 21

Innovative Factors To Choose The Farrow And Ball Paint To Decorate Walls

Whether you are looking to paint or wallpaper your walls, choosing a color can be difficult. Remember colours will appear different depending on the light in the room and the amount of color you are able to see. It is therefore better to check colours in the areas that need doing rather than at a store. If you are unsure of what colour to use, get a few samples of the colours you like and experiment with them in a small area of the room.

What you should know about paints and how to choose them

When it comes to paint, remember that colours dry darker, so choose a couple of shades lighter if you want a particular colour. On lining paper paint 60 sq cm of 3 related colour shades (get tester pots of these shades) and tack them to your walls and check their effect. Check how the colour looks at various times of the day and how the light in the room will affect the colour. Another tip is to always buy paints from the same batch otherwise the colour might vary a little. You can always return unused paint rather than mix various batches. Another choice that needs to be made is the paint finish. Should you choose an acrylic finish or gloss finish? Acrylic paint is hard-wearing, gives good coverage and colour. It is a water-based paint that does not have much of an odour and is more environmentally friendly. In earlier years, gloss paint had a high VOC level so it gave out a strong odour and fumes which is bad for anyone with breathing problems. Today however, one can also get water-based gloss paints that have lower VOC levels manufactured by Farrow and Ball. If you are asking yourself where can I buy Farrow and Ball paint? You can purchase it online directly from the manufacturer website or from any one of the Farrow and Ball paint stockists.

Wall coverings from Brian Yates

Probably one of the most exhaustive selections of designer wall coverings and fabrics comes from Brian Yates wall coverings. They come in exquisite colors, designs and textures that will suit any taste and style be it traditional, modern or cutting edge. These wallpapers and fabrics are available in various designs and styles from self colours, to prints to metallic and can be purchased from the several Brian Yates wall covering stockists.

Luxury wallpapers from Nina Campbell

Another designer who is renowned for her gorgeous wallpaper and fabric is Nina Campbell. Some of her collection of luxury wallpapers and fabric include Butterfly, Perroquet, Lombardia and Birdcage walk. Nina Campbell Birdcage Walk Wallpaper was inspired and named after Buckingham Palaces famous approach. Her wallpaper and fabric can be purchased online from her online shopping website or via her distributors.


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