Feb 26

Learn How To Paint

If youre looking to paint your home yourself, then theres really nothing to it. There are just a few simple steps that you have to keep in mind and the job becomes much easier. The first step to painting is preparation: you need to prepare your walls. Generally this means that you need to get rid of any old paint or wallpaper that is on your walls. You can do this either by sanding or scraping. This also has the added advantage of making sure the surface takes a good hold of the paints. You can follow the sanding and scraping with soaping and rinsing, to get rid of any dust particles that are left. Once youre done with that, you come down to the last step of preparation: priming. Priming is perhaps the most important step, because it helps in many ways. Firstly, it helps the paint adhere to the walls. Secondly, it can help to transition from a dark to light colour or light to dark colour. Thirdly, if you use the right kind of primer, it can also help fight moisture and other kinds of damage to your walls.

The first thing you want to do before you take a brush in hand is to choose the right colours. Make sure you paint a small swatch on the walls and check it in different lighting. Colour combinations can seem different under different lights. House painting itself is an easy thing, once youve covered the preparation well. You just need to be aware of some simple methods. You could get paint on where you dont need it to be the best way to prevent this is by taping off edges you dont want painted. If youre using a brush, then you need to be aware that you shouldnt dip the brush in more than one third of the way into the paint. If youre using a roller, then you should start by making a zigzag pattern on the wall first. This ensures the paint is on the wall, after which you can spread it around. Its best to start with an upward stroke, so that paint doesnt gather below the roller and drip down the walls. The methods stay the same, regardless of which paint you use.

Other than these, keep in mind the more common ways to prevent the house becoming a mess like covering up your furniture and floors. Use plastic instead of cloth, because theres a chance that paint will seep through the cloth and stain the floor or furniture.


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