Jun 17

Painting With Colored Cocoa Butter

You can paint with colored cocoa butter to give confections an artistic edible decoration. The cocoa butter comes in a variety of different colors and has no taste so it won’t affect the flavor of the item you are decorating. Pastry chef’s first started using colored cocoa butter to enhance the look of their chocolate confections in the late 1990’s. Early on you had to create your own colors by mixing powdered color with pure cocoa butter. Now it is much easier as you can buy colored cocoa butter in bottles from specialty pastry supply stores.

The most common application for colored cocoa butter is on chocolate moulds. Once the color drys you can fill the mould with chocolate. Because of the natural fats in the chocolate and cocoa butter the colored cocoa butter adheres nicely to the chocolate. The end result is a beautiful shiny piece of chocolate.

The effect is so beautiful that many chocolate companies are now decorating all of their chocolates with colored cocoa butter. To make your chocolates look beautiful follow these easy steps:

1.Warm the cocoa butter in your microwave for 10 to 15 seconds. Stir the mixture and microwave for 10 more seconds. Keep stirring and microwaving until the colored cocoa butter is smooth and completely melted.

2.Use a paint brush and apply the color to your chocolate mould in whatever fashion you choose. This is your chance to let your artistry shine!

3.Allow the freshly painted moulds to set for at least 5 minutes before painting with a new color.

4.Allow mould to set for 10 minutes when done painting.

5.Once the mould has set you can fill it with melted chocolate and cool it in a refrigerator. This usually takes up to an hour or more.

6.Tip: Make sure you knock out all of the air bubbles my

Jun 17

Factors To Take Into Account Before Choosing Bathroom Paint

Choosing bathroom paint isn’t a simple task. Many people would just do it, without stopping to consider what must be done before starting.

But the consequences of making a quick decision may be disastrous. After all, this isn’t something that you’re going to do every day. So it’s best to think about your options first.

Let’s examine 5 issues to think about before choosing bathroom paint.

1. Most of all, you’ll need to choose bathroom paint which will not mold or mildew easily. After all, your bathroom is most likely the dampest room in your house.

To help avoid mildew, you have two options. You can choose a special bathroom paint which is made specifically for humid rooms, that contains a chemical that kills mildew before it can take hold. Or you can just use ordinary paint, and add a mildewcide to it .

2. A closely related concern is choosing bathroom paint that’s resistant to moisture. Applying the wrong sort of paint could allow moisture to seep in, leading to peeling. Choosing semi-gloss or gloss paint textures will prevent this from happening.

3. One thing that most people would not even think about when painting a bathroom – who are the primary users of the room? If it is going to be used primarily by guests, then you can pick unusual colors for your guest bathroom paint that you might not want to look at every day yourself.

And a bathroom meant to be used by children would certainly need special thought. Kids ought to be as comfortable as possible in their own bathroom, since it is there that they learn some valuable lessons.

4. The choice that nearly all people would make without being reminded is the paint color. This, obviously, is a matter of personal preference. Nevertheless

Jun 16

The Benefits Of Heat Reflective Paint

Choose the best heat reflective paint on the market today. Choose Insultec.

Don’t let roof repairs get you down. If the simple mention of roof restoration or repairs causes you to shudder, then you’re not alone. But you don’t have to spend a bundle on your next roofing project, gone are the days of unnecessary and excessive spending to ensure that your roof is in its best shape. Insultec heat reflective paint has revolutionized the roofing industry. There is currently no other product on the roofing paint market today, that can be used in so many effective ways to combat rising energy prices, extreme temperatures,
and harmful weather damage.

It’s a simple fact that if you own a business then repairing your roof is an undertaking that you will eventually face, but what you may not know is that heat reflective paint can save you time and money. There is no room for procrastination when it comes to repairing your roof; the longer you wait the more likely is that you’ll have extensive and costly damages. Whether you are making small repairs or need a total roof replacement, heat reflective paint can be incorporated to make sure your roofing project is a success. Insultec is a heat-reflective insulator and waterproof sealant that contains no ceramics.

Developed in Australia over a decade ago, Insultec heat reflective paint has been scientifically proven to lower the temperature of buildings by 47% by reflecting heat rays and ultra violent light. The inert co-polymer compounds and pigments in this heat reflective paint protect your roof from heat and water damage and can reduce your summer cooling costs by up to 61%. Millions of people in more than 23 countries have benefited from the use of Insultec on their metal and flat roofs, walls, and

Jun 14

Tips For Choosing Your Dollhouse Paint Color Scheme

Many artists enjoy decorating dollhouses as much as they do building them. Doll house paint schemes have no limits, and the license to be creative is free. Painted dollhouses give the artist an opportunity to express their own personal tastes and styles. Here are several suggestions to keep in mind when you are trying to plan and design the colors for you doll house paint scheme.

Remember, the interior and exterior colors should complement each other. Being able to see the interior and the exterior at the same time is one feature that makes dollhouses unique. You wouldnt want one to take away from the other because the paint schemes clash. The paint chips at your local paint store will often show innovative and creative complementary color schemes. Use these for ideas. Additionally, many tools online will help you choose complimentary colors. You may be surprised to see the wide range of creative possibilities that are available to you.

If you are trying to re-create a historical building, then you will need to make sure that the doll house paint that you select is realistic. Do a little research to find out what colors may have been popular on period pieces. For exact replicas, you may want to head to the library to see if you can find photos or painting of the building that you are replicating. Either way, painted dollhouses are a great way to re-create the past. Not only are they fun to build, but they can be great teaching tools in an educational setting.

If you are creating an original structure, then feel free to be creative in choosing the doll house paint that you want to use. Dont be afraid to express yourself. Original pieces provide a template for you to utilize your full creative

Jun 14

Why Hiring A Professional Interior Painting Company Is Crucial

In this article, we would take a journey together throwing a flash on the aspects and benefits of a professional interior painting company that would transform the look of your house into something dazzling.

What strikes your mind when you think of getting your house renovated with interior painting? Do you get puzzled in terms of how to go about getting the paint work executed judiciously?

Well, there could be countless answers to the above stated questions in the minds of many but; one thing that hits the mind is to avail the diverse pluses provided by a professional interior painting company. It is comprehended that individuals like to take the painting job in their own hands. Nevertheless, it is generally not recommended that you should get on to the painting chore all by yourself as you might not be equipped with the necessary paraphernalia that is required to do the painting job and moreover, it might prove to be a tedious task for you when you get your hands on painting.

When you feel that it is indeed the right time to get the house revamped, you can simply get in touch with a professional company that caters to the diverse requirements of individuals pertaining to their wide range of interior painting needs. We don”t say that you cannot decorate your house on a few occasions when it is really needed to decorate your house, you can get started with the painting job but that would require a certain level of skill and you should be loaded with the basic nitty-gritty, which would enable you to commence the painting job with ease.

How about consulting a company that is certified and licensed to execute your painting needs efficaciously and that too with ease?

You should make sure that you get the painting job done

Jun 13

Paint a Picture With Your Voice When You Read the Lessons and Your Audience Will See It!

Sometimes, the least inspiring part of the Sunday service is listening to the lector read the lessons for the day. If you are a lector, why not paint a picture with your voice when you tell the story? Instead of their eyes being glued to their programs or Bibles, your congregants will be focused on you. That should be your goal as a reader.

Let’s look at Psalm 63 Verse 1. O GOD, MY GOD!

How I search for you!

How I thirst for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water.

How I long to find you. In just these 4 sentences, there is so much color that you can rightfully express. And, the good news is that there is no one correct way. The beauty of color is that it is individual. I should like to think that if 10 people were to read this, there would be 10 different interpretations in sound, in color, and in emotion.

Because the 1st sentence is entirely in capital letters with an exclamation point, you should say this with a great deal of emotion. You might shake your head a bit or furrow your brow.

When you read the next sentence, you could emphasize the word search or the word you. Bear in mind, I am not suggesting you act when you read this. Too much emphasis on too many words would be acting or the way we read to children at night, neither of which I recommend.

After the word you in the 3rd sentence, you could briefly pause. The pause is extremely effective both in speaking and in reading.

In the 4th sentence you could elongate the word long when you say it. What I mean is to

Jun 13

Surprising Secrets of Wallpaper

I now know the origination of the term ugly as sin its the wallpaper in the half-bath of the house I moved into. Okay, being from the South, let me re-phrase the statement and say that my tastes differ greatly than those of the previous owners. This has been one of my priority projects to change the look (basically remove the hideous wallpaper).

I consulted with several experts about removing the wallpaper. Most of them rolled their eyes, clutched their hearts, and commented, are you really sure you want to do that? as the color was quickly draining from their faces. Do you know what you are in for? Obviously ignorance was bliss. I consulted more experts who enlightened me to the concept of painting over the wallpaper. They graciously provided step-by-step instructions.

In theory, it was a great idea to paint over the wallpaper. What I didnt consider in the plan was the change in color. The wallpaper was black (really!) and I wanted yellow walls. Three coats later, I had gone from hideous to something words cant quite capture in the realm of ugly.

Now, I am back to taking the wallpaper, (plus primer and three coats of paint) off the walls. I have tried every commercial product and removal device and have found that old-fashioned elbow grease is the best method. It is taking time and effort, and each day I am closer to the yellow walls and completed project.

So why take the time to share this experience? This is so much what we do in life. We want (or need to at times) make a change. Sometimes our circle of influence repeatedly reminds of us of how hard and challenging it will be. Often times we opt for the easier method the quick fix

Jun 12

How to Look For the Most Amazing Exterior Paint Schemes

If you’re planning to paint the house, the most important thing you think of is the type of paint and paint shade. Everything comes to standstill at this point of time. One says light shades while others say dark shades. So how to decide the best for my home? In this article, I will put light on all the things that are necessary to make your home look astonishing both from exteriors as well as interiors.

If you still think by adopting the conventional painting approach, you will be able to draw the attention of visitors, then you’re are absolutely wrong. Things have changed a lot over the past few years’ right from the paint selection to paint brush. In today’s times when everything revolves around internet, how can you go for the typical painting approach? I would suggest taking the optimum use of modern technology and you will feel that things have got very easier nowadays. The advent of internet has made things easier for home owners who can seek great help in selecting the most appropriate exterior paint schemes for their homes. .

Before you start exploring various exterior paint schemes, it is necessary to get an inspection done of your exterior walls. If you think you can’t do it perfectly, ask an expert to do this for you. You can proceed further after procuring the feedback from that expert. Next thing to do is to ensure proper clean up of your wall before painting. This includes washing, scrapping of the old paint, and removal of dirt and stains. In order to get the best results, a proper cleanup is necessary and it allows the paint to spread evenly on the walls.

Now comes to choose from the list of exterior paint schemes for homes.

Jun 11

Painting A Room – What Different Colors Mean

Different colors have different meanings, emotions, and feeling to it. Many people who decorate today are always looking for the meanings of colors. Having the knowledge of knowing what different colors mean especially when you are painting a room. Painting a room is very complicated when you need to know what different colors mean. Having a color wheel is the first to have. The next is a feng shui book. This will tell you all about the different meanings to the colors.

By following the fung shui method, there are plenty of colors you can choose from when you decide that painting a room is ok. Painting a room is strenuous alone, but adding anything to the mixture is not always a good and smart idea. Here are a few colors and their meanings. The primary colors and their meanings are:

1. Red- Many meanings surround this color. When you are painting a room, red can mean many things also. It means life and death, fire, passion, and power. Whatever the message you are trying to bring across to people when they enter your room is the message to bring through the use of red.

2. Blue- Often used to describe stability and depth, blue has other meanings to bring into your home. Blue also means trust, wisdom, knowledge, faith, and heaven. So when you have that new baby boy, it is always a safe bet to incorporate some blue in your painting to show off that special personality.

3. Yellow- This is the color of happiness. Yellow symbolizes everything surrounded by joy and good feeling. To bring this color when you are painting a room is opening your home for happiness to spread. Yellow is often found to bring happiness by the color alone. One look will bring a smile to your face.

Jun 11

Why There is a Need Of Reproduction Oil Painting

In the sophistication process of artwork and original masterpiece, when the time comes to decorate the home with famous original artwork, we grasp the limit because of their expensive cost. Oil painting has become the revolutionary trend to decorate your home or workplace instead of landscape posters and wallpapers. To overcome the expensiveness of this enticing artwork, a reproduction painting fills the gap between original and the replication artwork. Skilled artists enrich the beauty of original art piece and convert those costly paintings into affordable range.

You want to dcor your home with most famous Vincent Van Gogh paintings or you want to furnish your workplace walls from Claude Monet artwork? Choice is yours as reproduction oil paintings for sale are available in the marketplace at quite lessened prices which comes under your budget. You can also select the art style like art deco, baroque, cubism, expressionism, impressionism, kitsch etc according to your taste and preference. Reproduction oil paintings widely known with several names like art replicas, fine art reproduction, and true copy art because they are the facsimile print of original masterpiece.

Replication paintings services cater advantages in multiple areas. Here are some examples like what kind of people want to buy them :

Interior decorators and designers in home furnishing and workplace.
Museum is the astonishing place where beautiful art piece are being placed.
Art enthusiastic people ensemble vast variety of famous paintings.
People who want to furnish their home with some special and unique trends rather than a print.
People who are just entered in their new home can have the preference of choosing stylish art to decorate the home.
Workplace conscious persons who really need some diverse material to furnish the walls.

Why people buy such kind of exclusive creations? Most of the people are passionate about the artwork they

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