Jun 10

Painting With Semi Gloss Latex Enamel

Painting with semi gloss latex enamel is an excellent choice for interior rooms but does have its share of problems if not done right. Semi gloss enamel provides just the right sheen to enhance just about any color you choose. These tips will help you make your paint job look professional without spending a mint in contractor labor or material.

Color choice – If you choose a color too many shades away from the existing color prepare to apply additional coats for adequate coverage. For instance, if your existing color is red and your new color is white, it will take at least 3 to 4 coats of paint to cover depending on the brand and quality of paint you choose. In general, cheaper paint will not cover as well and can sometimes require as much as 2 to 3 coats extra for sufficient coverage.

Wall preparation – Semi gloss latex enamel will show wall surface blemishes and irregularities. Fill all holes with a sandable spackling paste and allow adequate drying time. Make sure to sand the walls with at least a 200 grit followed by a 300 grit paper to achieve a smooth paintable surface. After spackling and sanding, make sure to apply a base coat of flat latex paint in a similar shade to the entire wall before applying any of the semi gloss paint. Failure to follow this step will result in flat spots wherever you have applied
spackling paste.

Trimming – Also called “cutting out” the room. Use a high quality angled brush to trim out around all trim, baseboard, and ceilings before rolling on the paint. Try not to make too many brushes over the same area. Take a wall at the time so the trimmed paint does not dry. This will give

Jun 10

Removing Paint Fumes – 3 Ways To Minimize Your Risk From Paint Fumes

Paint fumes are one of the biggest culprits of polluted indoor air. In fact the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists paint as one of the top five environmental hazards.

These fumes can trigger symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, dry throat, burning and watering eyes,and severe cases nausea and vomiting. These airborne chemicals are particularly hazardous to pregnant women. But because painting is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to make-over a room, few of us will avoid coming in contact with paint.

Here are 3 practical ways to avoid prolonged exposure and the acute and long-term health effects paint fumes can cause.

Ventilate Properly–Opening windows and doors to move air through the space will prevent fumes from building up to a toxic level. Be careful that ventilating does not create too much of a draft and cause unwanted particles to stick to and dry on the painted surface.

Place a box fan in the window that pulls air out of the room. Leave this on throughout the painting and overnight to fully exhaust any lingering fumes. Close off the heating and air conditioning ducts when you do this so that you are not heating or cooling the room that is being painted.

Use Paints with Fewer Petrochemicals–Petrochemicals, as the name suggests, are made from petroleum and natural gas. Paints with high levels of petrochemicals contain volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) which with high and prolonged exposure can cause cancer in humans.

Oil-based paints contain approximately 93% parts per gallon of petrochemicals while water-based latex paints contain only 15%. There are now newer low-VOC paints available that have less than 100 parts per gallon of petrochemicals.

Painting with a lower level of toxicity will greatly reduce your exposure to hazard. These paints greatly reduce the typical paint

Jun 09

Painting The Interior Of Your Home

House painting, interior painting and even decorative painting can completely change the look of your home. Painting your house is probably the easiest and less expensive way to redecorate and get a new look for your home; and you have to do it anyway from time to time, as time leaves its mark on any painting job.

An interior paint job is normally easier and less challenging than an exterior paint job, but there are still a few problems you may encounter. House painting isn’t rocket science, but it can be quite a difficult job if you don’t now how to do it properly and effectively.

If you’re planning to do all your house painting, interior and exterior, on your own, there are a few tips that can be of great use to you.

First of all, choose quality paint, even though it’s more expensive. Secondly, carefully clean the surface you intend to apply paint on and make sure it is dry before you start painting.

Give proper attention to the preparation stage as it is of crucial importance to the whole painting process. And remember that a proper painting job requires plenty of patience and attention to detail, so if you think you don’t have that in you, you’d better let somebody else do the painting for you.

A quality paint job is a great home improvement, but you need to do it properly. This means choosing the right colors, using the right materials and making all the necessary preparations. If you do all this, you’ll be able to paint your house the way you want to and you’ll be satisfied with the results.

If you’re worrying about the money, you should rest assured: house painting, interior painting and redecorating can be less expensive than you think, as there are ways to

Jun 06

Wallpaper Murals

Want to give your house a gorgeous look which reflects your great taste? Then, wallpaper murals are just the right thing for you. Great selection, great designs, great materials and great quality…thats what perfect murals offer!
A beautiful and innovative wallpaper mural gives any room an extremely special atmosphere. Welcome to Coolerwalls.co.uk an upcoming company, assuring some of the most innovative wallpaper murals in the entire UK.
Wallpaper murals have increasingly become one of the most popular and affordable ways of decorating your house, your office and so on. Cooler walls highly detailed wallpaper murals are offered in varied sizes and use artistic lithographic printing and digital imaging. Our several categories of wallpaper murals section include murals on the following:
World maps
Asian scenes
Forest scenes
Italian scenes
Lakes and rivers
Oceans and many more
At Coolerwalls.co.uk, we pride ourselves on offering you with the best quality of wallpaper murals at the most affordable prices. It is indeed our quality service and on-time delivery which has earned us unmatched reputation across UK. You can absolutely rely on our services. Our materials surpass every fire code rating for any interior commercial applications.
With hundreds of beautiful murals to choose from, we make your job easier in finding the right murals for any decorating adventure. We can also customise any mural or size to fit your need. A wall sized photo mural will give any room a special atmosphere. Our specialised services include:
A wide collection to choose from When it comes to variety, no one can match our huge collection of unique murals. Cant find the perfect image? You can try our custom wallpaper murals to give a personal touch.

Jun 05

Home Decor and Home Accents

When it comes to trying to decide the best home & garden designs, it’s very important to know where your starting point is. Without a starting point it can be very difficult to get the right home accents and instead you wind up with a proverbial car crash of styles and themes that you “quite” like but couldn’t decide what the best was!

Of course, this type of mix and match mentality will leave you with a crazy home d�cor and garden that you simply cannot take seriously when you walk into it. Things like wall art home and garden alike is very important as the walls are usually left bare, leaving a huge potential for creating a design and a style left unused in most households.

If you are looking for home goods that suit a particular style, then the best place to start is by looking at things like vases and decorative trays. Not only does this give you an immediate insight into what is within your price range, but it can be a great starting location for what it is you want to actually create and achieve.

The best way to do this, of course, would be to start with the color of the room indoors. Are you going for a cooler or lighter color? If you want the room to be smaller, then go for a cool color as it brings the room in more, and vice versa for warmer colors. This can give you a basis for what you want the theme to be.

If you want the room to be cool, then you want a more relaxed environment. This means that for things like living rooms and studies you want a nice relaxing vibe to the room, not a feeling of energy and excitement – this is best

Jun 05

Can a New Coat of Paint Help Your Business

When your dishes pile up in the sink, the necessity to clean them up is obvious. When the mud piles up on your floors, it, too, provides a visual indication that you’ve got a bit of work to do. As a commercial painting contractor, however, we find that faded and worn paint can tend to go overlooked for quite some time. And this oversight, unfortunately, can have a negative impact on your business – and profit margins. Deteriorating, cracked or chipping exterior paint can send a disparaging message to potential customers passing by your location. And deteriorating, cracked or chipping interior paint can send them running once they come inside. Good business is all about making lasting, positive impressions upon the people that you would like to serve in your industry, and one of the ways of doing so it to keep your interior and exterior paint finishes fresh looking and invitingly clean.

To keep your exterior and interior paint finishes up to par and inviting, it is important to be mindful of and keep an eye on their condition. The first thing to consider is their age. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Residential Rehabilitation Guide, exterior paints applied to wood, brick and aluminum will last anywhere from seven to ten years. Interior wall paints, depending upon their acrylic content, will last from five to ten years – and this same life expectancy is also applicable to the painted interior trims in your home or business such as crown and floor moldings.

The old adage advises that we should never judge a book by its cover. However, in the world of business – and the contemporary market – it is all about aesthetics. Magazine covers are graced with lithe and stunningly beautiful

Jun 05

Behr Interior Paint

Knowing that you need to better understand this topic I recommend that you take 5 minutes to read what we have to say.

Whether you decide to buy your interior paint from a major manufacturer, it’s a great idea to take advantage of all the evaluation tools that a big paint provider like Behr can provide to help you make decisions about what kind of paint to purchase and how to plan your colors. The Behr web site, for example, has dozens of tools and color samples on with helpful advice on how to organise colors and how to make decisions about what paint to use when you redecorate your walls that will give you lots of options long after the paint is dry. Click Here

There are colours that work for an interior paint plan and others that simply don’t. The color of the wall of the room is a very dominant view of the room that will set the mood and specify how you can decorate that room down the road. If you use colors that are too strong like dark reds or brilliant oranges or gaudy shades of purpose or green, that can make a room absolute objectionable to be in. Because that color entirely surrounds everyone in the room as well as the furniture and accessories, the interior paint colours you select must be restrained and calm.

The Behr World Wide Web site can help specify colors that are still in the shade area you want but colors that will work with you and not limit what you can do with the room. You can also get this help at a hardware or paint shop where Behr products are sold where you can get swatches of paint and color wheels to use to

Jun 04

How To Sponge Paint Your Floors

There’s no reason to limit faux painting in your home to walls only. Have you considered that the same paint finish would look equally well on your floor? This is especially true if you have a concrete floor – you should definitely consider painting this. If for no other reason than it offering a cost effective solution to covering your floor; the painting process can also be a lot of fun.

Sponge painting your floors is a great way to start if you don’t have a particular design in mind. It’s also one of the easiest ways to end up with a design on your floor that makes it look like it’s what you’d planned for it to look like all along… nobody will ever know any different. After all, most of the other types of faux floor painting involve trying to match a particular design type. Sponge painting, on the other hand, is just a way for you to make a pattern on the floor.

In order to sponge paint your floor, you are going to need to prepare the floor the same way that you might prep it for any other type of painting in your home. First things first you… should wash the floor with a strong cleaning solution. This is so that you clean up any dirt that might have been ground into it in the past. This is also a good way to get rid of any marks that might have been left on the floor from furniture with rubber feet.

If there are any rough spots still on the floor then you’ll need to sand them down. You don’t need to have a floor that is 1000% flat but having a clean, level surface to paint on will make your life

Jun 01

Fashion And Style Using The Right Body Paint

The younger generation is fond of making painting on body parts as a means to draw attention from others. The art of body paint originates from ancient time and now it has become a fashion to create tattoos and designs on various parts of the body for both sexes. This type of paint will last in the body for several hours or even weeks depending on the nature of paint used. It has become unique way to draw attention and modern women want to prove themselves as contemporary in all aspects. Now you have several options for making suitable body designs and you have choices for choosing the right designer for making drawings in your body.

Some men are crazy in making pictures of animals, birds and even their favorite movie stars on their body. Further you can draw cartoon characters, pictures and drawings of history, your favorite place on earth and much more. The taste and pleasure of each one is different and each one of them has loads of ideas for making the desired drawing on the body. Liquid latex is a type of paint used for drawing pictures on body and you have range of colors and shades of this herbal product. It is basically obtained from rubber plantation and stem and bark of the plant are cut to take out of the latex. The markers are one form of painting used to draw pictures on body which gives transparent effect which resembles the art of tattoos. Unless you wash it off with soap and water, the markers remain on the body for long time. There are plenty of colors and designs in markers and people use even silver color and gold color which looks appealing on the skin. Metallic colors create magic in the body

May 31

Lead Paint Poisoning

Lead is a large steel that has been utilised as an ingredient in paint, especially in older residences and properties. As the paint cracks and chips, it can turn out to be inhaled or ingested and can trigger significant well being problems. Lead is poisonous to the organs and is specially harmful to children. Even a relatively small dose of lead can lead to poisoning, coma, and even death. Knowing the symptoms of lead poisoning can help you to get motion if you or a cherished a single is exposed to lead in your house.

Indicators of Lead Poisoning/p>

Exposure to lead can trigger a man or woman to knowledge a extensive variety of distressing and debilitating signs. If you experience a blend of any of the following signs, you should look for health-related interest quickly:

Behavioral changes
Chest discomfort
Decline of appetite
Abdomen soreness

Your physician can order a heavy metals test in buy to establish the amount of major metals in your bloodstream. If your check exhibits a larger than common accumulation of lead in your system, you may have been uncovered to the poisonous steel through lead paint in your home.

Premises Liability

Lead paint is identified to be a poisonous compound, especially for youngsters. If a creating owner or supervisor does not consider treatment to warn tenants or possible purchasers of the presence of lead paint or fails to get action to eliminate the harmful compound, he or she may be held liable for any poisoning that occurs. A premises liability lawyer represents the victims of lead paint poisoning and works on their behalf to hold the liable functions accountable in court. If you have been harmed by lead paint poisoning, you might be entitled to compensation to cover your health-related payments, missing income, and other poisoning-associated

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