Feb 26

Paint a Picture With Your Voice When You Read the Lessons and Your Audience Will See It!

Sometimes, the least inspiring part of the Sunday service is listening to the lector read the lessons for the day. If you are a lector, why not paint a picture with your voice when you tell the story? Instead of their eyes being glued to their programs or Bibles, your congregants will be focused on you. That should be your goal as a reader.

Let’s look at Psalm 63 Verse 1. O GOD, MY GOD!

How I search for you!

How I thirst for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water.

How I long to find you. In just these 4 sentences, there is so much color that you can rightfully express. And, the good news is that there is no one correct way. The beauty of color is that it is individual. I should like to think that if 10 people were to read this, there would be 10 different interpretations in sound, in color, and in emotion.

Because the 1st sentence is entirely in capital letters with an exclamation point, you should say this with a great deal of emotion. You might shake your head a bit or furrow your brow.

When you read the next sentence, you could emphasize the word search or the word you. Bear in mind, I am not suggesting you act when you read this. Too much emphasis on too many words would be acting or the way we read to children at night, neither of which I recommend.

After the word you in the 3rd sentence, you could briefly pause. The pause is extremely effective both in speaking and in reading.

In the 4th sentence you could elongate the word long when you say it. What I mean is to hold the sound a bit.

Please understand, these are only suggestions. There are many ways of reading this verse with color.

With the various means of expressing emotion or life in reading out loud, it is also important to recognize tone. Tone is the expression of a mood or emotion. When David said these words, his tone was beseeching. He was in hiding from his enemies and earnest in his devotion, his thankfulness and his praise of God. Can you feel that tone when you read his words? Further, can you portray that tone in your reading?

If you are a lector in your church, the next time you are scheduled to read, paint a picture with your voice and your congregation will not only hear it, but they will see the picture as well!

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