Apr 22

Paintball Ghillie Suits A Hidden Advantage For Snipers In The Game

Paint-ballers across the world have enjoyed the support of organized skirmishes both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s storm the flag, elimination or capturing objects of interest that are hidden in the playing area, paintball has been an incredibly exhilarating sport that demands focus, agility and reflexes. War-game themed paintball venues have also taken on the aspects of military tactics. Snipers wearing paintball guillie suits can take out a target without ever being seen.

These cleverly hidden players wear paintball camo-suits which causes its wearer to blend into the surroundings. These suits can vary from a mesh which covers the existing garment to a poncho which obscures the entire shape of the person underneath.

During its early inception players had very little ammunition with them and moved carefully through wooded areas in a free-for-all atmosphere. As the game became more organized and equipment more efficient, the game took on a more commercial feel.

Military style paint ball affords the sniper or infiltrator a chance to dress the part; using paintball camouflage suits to render them invisible against the local terrain. These types of games are usually played on non-established fields. “Outlaw ball” retains the original feel and anarchic elements of the game as it used to be played.

The materials used in the paintball guillie suits mimic the look of foliage. Worn outside of the natural surroundings many of the paint-ballers may look like Bigfoot! The outfits are varied in style and color but you can purchase full suits, jackets, ponchos, pants and sniper veils. There are also suits kits for customizing your camo-outfit to match the terrain you’ve selected to play on.

Serious paint-ballers who participate in the military style skirmishes prefer the lighter camouflage netting which goes over their uniforms. Those gamers who specialize in infiltration and or sniper activities enjoy the relative invisibility given to them by the paintball ghillie suits. The ponchos are designed to quickly go on or come off when the situation calls for it. A sniper can quickly maneuver to a new position and reestablish their advantage.

If you want to be the person that everyone has to worry about come game time, a paintball ghillie suit will definitely inspire dread in your opponents because once you’ve set up position, the invisibility factor makes you a viable treat to your opposition. Go online for further information on these suits.


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