Jun 10

Painting With Semi Gloss Latex Enamel

Painting with semi gloss latex enamel is an excellent choice for interior rooms but does have its share of problems if not done right. Semi gloss enamel provides just the right sheen to enhance just about any color you choose. These tips will help you make your paint job look professional without spending a mint in contractor labor or material.

Color choice – If you choose a color too many shades away from the existing color prepare to apply additional coats for adequate coverage. For instance, if your existing color is red and your new color is white, it will take at least 3 to 4 coats of paint to cover depending on the brand and quality of paint you choose. In general, cheaper paint will not cover as well and can sometimes require as much as 2 to 3 coats extra for sufficient coverage.

Wall preparation – Semi gloss latex enamel will show wall surface blemishes and irregularities. Fill all holes with a sandable spackling paste and allow adequate drying time. Make sure to sand the walls with at least a 200 grit followed by a 300 grit paper to achieve a smooth paintable surface. After spackling and sanding, make sure to apply a base coat of flat latex paint in a similar shade to the entire wall before applying any of the semi gloss paint. Failure to follow this step will result in flat spots wherever you have applied
spackling paste.

Trimming – Also called “cutting out” the room. Use a high quality angled brush to trim out around all trim, baseboard, and ceilings before rolling on the paint. Try not to make too many brushes over the same area. Take a wall at the time so the trimmed paint does not dry. This will give a better, more uniformed appearance to your job. Rolling – A quarter inch nap roller provides the best finish for semi gloss latex enamel. For best results use a roller screen to avoid drippage. Paint from corner to corner and never stop painting in the middle of a wall or allow the paint to dry too long before rolling next to an edge.

Touch up – If you happen to miss a spot which requires more sanding or spackling, make absolute sure you paint over any of these spots with the flat latex to avoid flat spots on your wall.

Following these tips for semi gloss latex application will ensure a beautiful and
professional appearance to your remodeling paint job.


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