Jun 18

The Best Paint Color for a Commercial Office

The mood you or your employees are in at the office is important when it comes to the output and quality of work. One thing that has been scientifically proven to seriously affect mood is color, namely the color of the walls around you, tinting everything you see within the workspace. Taking the studies on color and human reaction into account, the paint on the office walls should reflect the type of mood you want in a certain type of work environment. Blue

Blue office space gives a feeling of tranquility. In both light and dark shades, blue gives the feeling of tranquillity and relaxation. Now, it depends on the work environment you want, but for a job that is naturally stressful–like investment banking or a variety of sales jobs–blue may be the perfect color to keep employees off the proverbial edge and to help them relax in the down time. Or, maybe blue is just best in the break room.

Green A modern green office interior Some shade of green is an excellent color choice for the main parts of the office–the hallway, a large bullpen, a conference room or all of the above. As it is natural, vibrant and bright, green offers a feeling of youth and vigor and is most often cited as a favourite color. It can also soothe and calm and supposedly has healing powers–this is why it is said so many doctors wear green scrubs.

Yellow Yellow shades accent an office space. Though a little sharp and sometimes distracting, yellow could be another good choice as it keeps people awake and paying attention. We naturally react to things that are yellow–sunflowers, road signs, lights–so yellow office walls could subconsciously keep employees on their toes. Yellow has a feeling of friendship associated with it–think the “Have a Nice Day!” happy face button. Still a subtler, darker shade may be slightly less intense.

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